Casey Wilson Q&A: ‘Happy Endings’

Casey Wilson is the unlucky-in-love and "totes hilar" Penny Hartz on ABC's "am-ah-zing" sleeper hit sitcom "Happy Endings." Fans of the show know all too well that Penny has a uniquely quirky way of pronouncing and abbreviating words ("abbrevs" to those in the know), much to the chagrin of her group of equally wacky friends on the show.

In a video chat with senior editors Chris Beachum and Rob Licuria, Wilson talks about her kooky character, who proclaimed last season as "the Year of Penny" but whose ongoing romantic failures have become a running gag on the show. "I think it is probably going to have to be the decade of Penny in order for her to find anything worth finding. You know, [maybe] the century of Penny."

But she still holds out hope for Penny, no matter how many times she fails to find Mr Right. "She's very unlucky in love, and then she picks herself right back up with the confidence of … I mean, she should not have the confidence that she has!"

Perhaps the same could be said for the show itself, which is holding out hope for a third season renewal. When "Happy Endings" premiered in April last year as a mid-season replacement, it was very much under the radar. Expectations for a second season pickup were so low that Wilson's co-star Damon Wayans Jr. was cast on Fox's "New Girl" under the assumption that "Happy Endings" would be gone by season's end. When the network gave "Happy Endings" a surprise last-minute renewal, Wayans, who features in the pilot of "New Girl," had to be replaced by Lamorne Morris so that he could continue on "Happy Endings." Since its second season premiere last fall, the show has seen a steady increase in viewership, prompting ABC to giving it a full season pickup.

Although ABC has yet to announce a go-ahead for season three of "Happy Endings," its return next season seems almost assured, having performed decently for the network last season. And the show has a particularly strong following among younger audiences, who have responded to the show's pop culture references and its ensemble cast of relative newcomers.

"We just kind of got lucky in terms of our chemistry" says Wilson, joking with a sarcastic smile that "we've all slept together, so that helped."

Given that renewal seems likely, the cast and crew are collectively holding their breath for the official word. "We are kind of sitting tight" says Wilson. "I think it will be [renewed], but how much 'Toddlers and Tiaras' can I watch? I have got to go back to work! I'm up to some really strange stuff over here, I'm making vision boards, I'm going through old love letters" laughs Wilson, admitting that "we're all hopeful, we all love the show so much and want to come back, and I think we will, but you never know."

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