Cat Thomas interview: ‘The Flight Attendant’ costume designer

“Oh my god, that’s something that I want — I want that.” This is the response that Cat Thomas hopes to inspire with the wardrobe of Kaley Cuoco‘s character Cassie Bowden in “The Flight Attendant” on HBO Max. The veteran costume designer, also known in the past for projects as Catherine Marie Thomas, explains in her exclusive interview with Gold Derby about the debut season of the dramedy (watch the video above), “I really like the fact that she felt like a grounded New York woman — someone that people related to and that’s why people were so attracted to her fashion and to her clothing because there was this realness about her.”

A past Emmy Award nominee and Costume Designers Guild Award winner for 2009’s Best TV Movie “Grey Gardens,” Thomas is submitting her work on the pilot of “The Flight Attendant” for Emmy consideration this year in the Best Contemporary Costumes category. Titled “In Case of Emergency,” she says about the episode, “It’s what leaves you going, ‘I want to come back for more and see where this is going’.”

Thomas is currently in Minnesota for the upcoming “Dexter” limited revival starring Michael C. Hall on Showtime, which has quickly reunited Thomas with “The Flight Attendant” director Marcos Siega. She teases, “They wrote a really amazing season.” Thomas is the series’ sixth costume designer in nine seasons; none of her predecessors received Emmy or CDG nominations for the perennial Best Drama Series nominee. She continues about the bonus batch, “It’s a really great standalone 10 episodes that people are going to be pretty wowed by. It’s going to be beautiful and interesting and really, it’s pretty cool, so pretty excited to be part of it.”

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