Charlotte Nicdao Interview: ‘Mythic Quest’

“I’m the least threatening person ever,” confesses “Mythic Quest” star Charlotte Nicdao. She continues, “The writers had fun writing me things that, out of anyone else’s mouth, would have been awful; but coming out of mine is laughable. There’s a line where I say ‘I’m going to open your face up.’ It’s a horrible threat but when I say it, it’s funny.” Watch our full exclusive video interview with her above.

“Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet” is an Apple TV+ comedy about the team behind a best-selling video game. The show delves into interoffice battles and corporate rivalries in a high stakes world of creativity, commerce and ridiculousness. Nicado plays Poppi Li, the game’s ambitious lead engineer. The actress explains, “Poppi is a complicated character. She’s sort of a hero but she can be a bit of a jerk. You always see her beside Ian (Rob McElhenney), so it’s rare you see the moments of her jerkiness shine through. It’s usually when you see her next to someone less powerful. She’s sympathetic because she’s round Ian a lot, and he’s more outwardly awful.”

At the end of the season Poppi achieves a significant goal in her career. Nicado says, “That moment that will stick in my mind forever. Poppi gets everything she’s ever dreamed of and I get to hold this shovel above my head. Through the season it’s this symbol of creation and power. It’s this victorious moment. This show was an absolute dream for me in every way. It’s very difficult to separate your feelings as a character and your feelings as an actor when they align so perfectly like that.”

This mark’s the Australian actress’ first foray into US television. She admits, “Trying to break into Hollywood is kind of the thing everyone tries to do, I guess. But at the same time, I love American comedy. It’s the thing I spend most of my time watching. I’d been coming out here for a few years trying to get on a show like “Mythic Quest.” I’d decided this was my last trip, and the last week was my first audition for the show. I kept pushing my flight week to week, until it was December and we were filming the pilot.”

On what it’s like playing an Australian she explains, “At the risk of sounding like I didn’t do any acting, she’s as Australian as I am. My mum is generations of Australians and my dad moved from the Philippines as a teenager. You don’t see many exports from Australia that aren’t blonde haired and blue eyed. As talented as all those people are, it’s not necessarily an accurate cross section of what our country looks like. So, it’s really cool to be able to represent a lot of my mates at home.”

The most fun on the show was when she got to try on some motion capture suits with McElhenney. She says, “We were in a real mo-cap studio and they were actually capturing our movements. There was a lot of physical comedy. I overheat really easily, and I was in this skin tight wet-suit fabric all day dancing. Which was my choice. I was like, ‘you know what would be funny? If I was dancing this whole scene.’ By the end of the day I thought, ‘why did I decide to do this?’ But it was still really fun!”

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