Chris Geere Q&A: ‘You’re the Worst’

"I think everyone's got a bit of nasty in them. Whether they choose to reveal it is a different thing," says actor Chris Geere about his role in the FX comedy series "You're the Worst." He plays Jimmy Shive-Overly, a self-involved author who meets an equally cynical publicist, Gretchen (Aya Cash), and they begin to fall in love despite themselves.

"It is so, so freeing," Geere explains of playing such a tactless character. "As a human being, I keep all my feelings to myself. I kind of think what I'd like to say to people, but I never actually say it, so to actually voice these opinions is exceptional."

"We're not necessarily going for likable characters, it's more kind of believable characters," he adds, but as a fan of romantic comedies, he often has to resist his natural instincts. "I personally was coming to a scene and I think, this would be a great opportunity for Jimmy to show a kind of vulnerable side, and I'd have a chat with [series creator Stephen Falk], and he just says, 'No, don't do that.'"

But maybe Jimmy isn't so bad after all. Geere admits that the protagonists are "terrible human beings, but as the series went on and we got to the end of series one, I was like, I'd probably put myself fifth worst."

"You're the Worst" earned a nomination for Best Comedy Series at the Critics' Choice TV Awards, and the cast and crew "were so excited, so grateful … I think we were underdogs from the beginning, these four actors who are relatively, and me especially, completely unknown, coming to America, doing this show. None of us knew each other, and we just worked and worked so hard, so to get the recognition for that was fantastic."

He hopes the show will stay in the good graces of critics and audiences because he'd like to do it for another 10 years to see Jimmy and Gretchen through further dysfunctional relationship milestones. Speculating about their future, Geere says, "I don't think they'd be bad parents – no, I have to correct myself on that, they'd be terrible, terrible parents."

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