Chris Van Dusen interview: ‘Bridgerton’ creator

“I think all of this recognition and the response has just been amazing,” says “Bridgerton” creator, executive producer, and showrunner Chris Van Dusen about the show’s 12 Emmy nominations, including Best Drama Series. “I’m really humbled, but most of all proud of this cast and this crew and all of my fellow producers. I always hoped that people would find and fall in love with this show.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Van Dusen above.

The Netflix series is based on a series of romance novels by Julia Quinn about the romantic exploits of a family navigating the intrigues of high society in Regency-era London. It appealed to Van Dusen as a change of pace from his work on a previous Shonda Rhimes series, “Scandal.” “All I really wanted to do was something completely other than political intrigue on Capitol Hill. And that’s when I learned about these books and I fell in love with them,” he explains. “The moment I first read them, they were funny and emotional and sexy, and they were escapist.”

But he also wanted to bring something different to the story. “My mandate for the show was really figuring out how to turn this more traditional genre on its head and make something fresh and topical and timely,” he says, so he introduced ethnic diversity to his interpretation of Regency London based on the real theory that Queen Charlotte (played in the series by Golda Rosheuvel) had African ancestry. “Race wasn’t ever mentioned in the source material, but it was something I absolutely wanted to explore in the show from the beginning and do it in a way that made sense.”

“Bridgerton,” of course, is also known for its romance, and for provocative love scenes that ignited online discourses. The comfort of the actors was “first and foremost,” so the show employed “a team of intimacy coordinators … and we really choreographed those sequences much like a stunt … to make sure our actors were comfortable and safe and felt that they knew exactly what they were going to do and exactly what was expected of them.” The goal was to make “the experience of watching the show not be so different from the experience of reading one of those romance novels in terms of things feeling sexy and a little dangerous and fun.” If the Emmy nominations are any indication, that mission was accomplished.

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  1. Please bring back Simon. Soooooo many different story lines. (1) Anthony doesn’t think Simon good enough for his sister – but eventually realizes he loves her. Perhaps this gives Anthony courage to love Kate. (2) Simon cannot handle being a father at first (3) Simon disappears – feeling trapped. (4) Daphne becomes extremely popular duchess – perhaps Simon not tooo happy about this! Just a few ideas. Please bring the Duke back!!! !!

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