Christina Hendricks Interview: ‘Good Girls,’ ‘The Romanoffs’

Christina Hendricks describes “Good Girls” as “a real passion project.” For the second season, she and the cast “wanted to dive into these characters even deeper, and get a little darker and a little weirder. I think we’re successfully doing that.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Hendricks above.

The NBC drama centers on three suburban moms (Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman) who turn to crime at a time of financial hardship. For Hendricks’s character, Beth, the second season is about “exploring if this is really actually something that she likes.” In season one “it was a necessity. It was a bad idea, but they did it.” Now Beth is thinking, “Maybe this is exciting, and maybe this is something I needed, oddly, in my life. As weird and shameful as it feels, maybe I kinda like it, and maybe I’m kinda good at it.”

This season Hendricks also reunited with “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner for “The Romanoffs,” an Amazon anthology series about people who believe they are descended from the Russian royal family. She appeared in “House of Special Purpose,” which casts her as a famous actress clashing with a volatile director (Isabelle Huppert).

The show was “so different from anything I’d seen Matt do,” Hendricks reveals. “The circumstances of the script are so wild, and it’s such a mind game, that you just throw yourself into it.” She adds, “I was just thrilled that he trusted me to do it, because there’s a lot to do in that script.”

Hendricks earned six Emmy nominations for her work on “Mad Men” (Best Drama Supporting Actress from 2010-2015), as well as two SAG Award wins as a member of the ensemble cast (2009 and 2010).

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