Christina Hendricks Q&A: ‘Mad Men’

"It was very pleasing and cathartic to see Joan's storylines bring us full circle. It's a struggle she's been having since the very beginning of the series… To see her come out on top, I was very, very happy to see that ending," admits Christina Hendricks during our recent video chat about the final season of "Mad Men."

Hendricks played Joan Holloway Harris during the entire seven seasons of this four-time Best Drama Series Emmy winner. She was a secretary when the show began but had worked her way up to partner of the ad firm by the end of the run this spring. She candidly discusses shooting her last scenes: "To add to it being incredibly emotional, we were actually playing our last moments. It was quite heavy of a day. Here it is a year later, and it hasn't really settled in quite yet."

In one of the final episodes, "Lost Horizon," Joan doesn't like the way she is being treated by the much bigger company that has absorbed hers. She defiantly stands up for herself and eventually resigns. It might be the perfect one to submit to Emmy judges if she is nominated as Drama Supporting Actress for the sixth year running. Of that storyline, she says, "I loved that Joan went up face-to-face with these heads of the agency. She spoke her mind, and she was right. I feel like it's a good sign when you want to punch the TV because you want to support your character."

Joan's story ends with her deciding to start her own commercial production company. She invites former co-worker Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) to become her partner, but that offer is declined. Her new business venture and the fact that she already has a young son cause her boyfriend Richard (Bruce Greenwood) to leave her in the finale.

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