Christina Pickles Interview: ‘Break a Hip’

“She’s so much fun but rude and nasty,” declares Christina Pickles about her Emmy-nominated role as Biz Brantly on the web series “Break a Hip.” In our recent interview, she adds, “She’s getting a little softened up by her relationship with Wincy, her assistant. The thing I love about this show is that it’s not just about Biz and old people. It is absolutely old and young and is actually about growing up and growing old.”

The program stars Pickles as a cranky veteran actress who doesn’t work all that much any more. She hires a young man (Britt Hennemuth) to run errands for her. The role now has Pickles nominated at the Emmy Awards for Best Short-Form Actress. In our chat, she says the character is partially based on her own mother but that her daughter jokingly feels like Pickles doesn’t have to “stretch too much” away from herself.

It’s her seventh career nomination. She received five as Best Supporting Actress on “St. Elsewhere” (1983, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988) for playing head nurse Helen Rosenthal. She also received a guest acting bid (1995) for playing the domineering mother of Ross (David Schwimmer) and Monica (Courteney Cox) on “Friends.”

Regarding her first Emmy ceremony experience in 1983, she admits, “I sort of can hardly remember it because I was off the ground and not really present. I had a ridiculous dress on with all feathers. I don’t know why I wore that because it was absurd. The first thing you think about after you’re grateful and humbled, is what will I wear?.”

One thought on “Christina Pickles Interview: ‘Break a Hip’”

  1. Dear Christine,
    This is from your oid friend Pauline who gave you your first ever acting part as a Russian princess or spy (I cant remember which ) in the school play.
    Dear Christine, I have only recently caught up with your career ( in my retirement watching Friends )and I thought ” I know that person ‘ I am astounded at your success. You have done so amazingly well.!!!
    I ended up a Haematologist at the John Radcliffe Hospital , had five children and eventually divorced Paul, (i think you were at my wedding) but I have not remarried
    What fun we had, You sleeping on the floor of my flat in Belzize `park `i remember `Patrick Newall and someone called `moffat as your friends
    Love to hear from you Beryl sends love Wear a mask and keep well Pauline

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