Christopher Lloyd Q&A: ‘Modern Family’ creator

During our recent webcam chat, "Modern Family" co-creator Christopher Lloyd speaks out about the possibility of his show winning a record sixth Emmy award for Best Comedy Series. "I'm sure it sounds like a cliche, but there wasn't a possibility that we thought we would be in this position when we started the series, so it all seems like a wonderful situation to be in, that we're even in line potentially to do this."

"Having said that, it matters to us, it matters a lot," Lloyd continues. "We work hard and we do have certain things that spur us on, and the Emmys happens to be one of them. And it would be disingenuous to say we've won and we don't care about that. We care about it … Let's keep at it, because it would really be cool if we did something so historic like that."

Besides his five series wins for "Modern Family," he was also a producer on "Frasier" where he claimed another five Best Comedy trophies. And his two Emmys for Best Writing brings his tally to an even dozen. "I'm proud of it. And having said that, which sounds self-congratulatory, I have to say I feel really lucky."

Despite his show currently topping Gold Derby's Emmy rankings with leading odds of 4/1 to win Best Comedy Series, Lloyd jokes, "We're certainly not writing any speech. That seems extremely like you're tempting fate in a very bad way."

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