Chuck Lorre Interview: ‘The Kominsky Method’ creator

“It’s been an opportunity for me to write without censorship, to write without time limits, to write without an audience,” muses Chuck Lorre in his exclusive interview with Gold Derby about making “The Kominsky Method” (watch the video above). He continues, “These are little films that flow into each other, so eight half-hours is a four-hour story with twists and turns and I’ve never had that opportunity before to extend a story beyond the half-hour, because I simply wasn’t trained that way, writing four-camera network sitcoms.”

Having been nominated previously for “The Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men,” Lorre is celebrating his ninth Emmy nomination, with “The Kominsky Method” up for Best Comedy Series. Although he won the equivalent Golden Globe for the show last year as its executive producer and was even inducted by the Television Academy into their Hall of Fame eight years ago, Lorre is yet to win an Emmy. He says about how he might respond to a win, “I would probably start crying and saying words like “grateful, grateful, grateful” and try and get out of there as fast as I can before I made a fool of myself.”

“I wanted to move away from the melancholy that was pretty pervasive in the first season,” says Lorre about writing the Emmy-eligible second season. He explains, “I wanted the second season to suggest that there’s hope.” Netflix recently renewed “The Kominsky Method” starring Michael Douglas for a third season. Lorre is grateful as he comments about their announcement that this next season will also be the last, “I didn’t anticipate anything; I was just struck by how many serendipitous things happened that allowed this to happen at all.”

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