Cillian Murphy Q&A: ‘Peaky Blinders’

After more than a decade of making movies, “Peaky Blinders” star Cillian Murphy admits, "the pace of television is quite accelerated compared to working on film." As he explains during our recent webcam chat, "We make six hours of television. That’s really like three feature films in the space of four months." However, he adds, "the pace is great. I prefer that; less hanging around.”

After shooting two seasons of the crime drama, which streams on Netflix, he admits, “I loved it, it’s a great gang of people and we’re starting our third season in September." And, he adds, "It feels like going back to a family, when you work that long on a show.”

In the show, which is set in post-WWI England, he plays Tommy Shelby. “He's the leader of this gang, the Peaky Blinders, which did exist in Birmingham.” For the actor, “the thing about Tommy is he’s been formed by his experiences in the trenches in France. He’s a decorated soldier but he’s also what we would now diagnose as having PTSD.” To that end, "because he’s come so close to death, he’s got this drive to seize life by the lapels."

Murphy reflects, “we’re in the era of anti-hero but for me its more about their just human. We all are a bunch of contradictions walking around.” He thinks that viewers find the characters so appealing because they are, “flawed and we’re attracted to that. What’s so interesting about gangsters is that there’s this moral code that we don’t have access to but is instantly fascinating and compelling.”

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