Constance Zimmer Interview: ‘UnReal’

Constance Zimmer believes that bringing in a female suitor for season three of “UnReal” created a dynamic “that we haven’t seen before” between her character, the tough-as-nails producer Quinn, and her protege Rachel (Shiri Appleby). In its first two seasons this satirical behind-the-scenes look at a reality dating competition series featured bachelors searching for love among casts of eligible women. This year the sexes were flipped, with determined career woman Serena Wolcott (Caitlin FitzGerald) sifting through a variety of men. “It made both of them very aware of how much they take down women, even though that’s not their goal,” Zimmer explains. The two had to ask themselves, “How do you manipulate and empower a woman at the same time?” Watch our exclusive video interview with Zimmer above.

Early on Serena takes the advice of the show’s chauvinistic producer (Craig Bierko) and dumbs herself down for the men. “Those are true situations that I think women are faced with all the time,” Zimmer says, “no matter what you do — in your job, in your career, or even trying to find a partner.” Because of persistent double standards, “when women are strong and they know what they want they’re considered a bitch. They are considered difficult to work with, and it is amazing to me how different it is for men than women.”

She appreciates the show’s ability to address subjects “that are super uncomfortable, and I hope that people take more from it now because of the time we’re living in.” With the #MeToo movement has come “the awareness that this is real. It’s not just exaggerated for television anymore.”

Zimmer was nominated at the Emmys for Best Drama Supporting Actress in 2016 for the show’s first season. She has also contended at the SAG Awards as a member of the ensemble cast of “Boston Legal” (2008). Her other TV credits include memorable roles on “Entourage,” “House of Cards,” and “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” This year she also stepped behind the camera for the first time on “UnReal” by directing the episode “Recurrent.” And she has already directed an episode for the upcoming fourth season, “No Limit,” set to air later this year.

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