Courtney Kemp Q&A: ‘Power’ creator

During our recent webcam chat (watch above), “Power” creator Courtney Kemp credits the success of her show to its portrayal of the American dream. This Starz drama series stars Omari Hardwick as James “Ghost” St. Patrick, a drug kingpin and nightclub owner struggling to leave behind his life of crime to focus on his legitimate business and commit to his mistress (Lela Loren).”It’s all about his rags to riches story,” explains Kemp. “And it’s also about the fact that people want to see if you can change your future. Your past, obviously, you can’t change, but can you redirect your path?”

Kemp got her start in televison writing for “The Bernie Mac Show” and snagged an Emmy nomination in 2011 as one of the producers of “The Good Wife.” She was developing a new series when rapper 50 Cent came to her with a similar concept. “The amalgamation of the two became ‘Power,’” Kemp reveals. The Grammy-winning 50 Cent, who is an executive producer, also costars as Kanan, an ex-felon who believes that Ghost set him up and is out for revenge.

Ghost’s determination to lead a double life gives the show a built-in tension that keeps audiences wanting more. “His constant need to lie and perform criminal acts keeps him in jeopardy,” Kemp explains. “I don’t have to create anything; I just have to let the avalanche of storytelling play.”

“Power” returns for its third season on July 17. As season two ended with Ghost getting everything he wanted, Kemp teases “the theme for season three is be careful what you wish for.”

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