Craig Wrobleski Q&A: ‘Fargo’ cinematographer

“It was an incredible playground to work in,” divulges cinematographer Craig Wrobleski during our recent webcam chat (watch the exclusive video above) about his work on “Legion.” Created by Noah Hawley, this FX series stars Dan Stevens as a troubled young man whose schizophrenia may actually be supernatural powers. “Noah had given us a lot of rope to work in this world and to create unique visuals,” adds Wrobleski, “always serving story and character of course, because that’s always the priority with Noah’s work.”

The cameraman also works on Hawley’s anthology series “Fargo,” currently in its third season on FX. Since every iteration, “is a complete reboot in terms of where we’re at,” the DP had to explore a different visual approach from the year before. Whereas last season took place in 1979, this season centers on twin brothers (Ewan McGregor) feuding over a valuable postage stamp circa 2010. “It was a little more contemporary,” he explains, “in terms of lighting the spaces and taking more of a modern approach to the photography.”

Wrobleski won the Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award for the short film “June” (2010), and competed for his work on the performance film “Synthesis” (2014), as well as for the second season of “Fargo” (2016). Is his first Emmy bid next? Check out our full interview above for more about his work on “Legion” and “Fargo.”

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