Dan Bucatinsky Q&A: ‘Scandal’

If having a doozy of an episode to submit to Emmy judges helped Dan Bucatinsky ("Scandal") to pull off an upset as Best Guest Drama Actor last year – and many pundits believe that's true – then he could do it again.

"I definitely think the material was there," he says, looking back over the past TV season. "On not too many shows do you get to say that your husband pimped you out to the Vice President's husband and then framed you by taking pictures hoping that he would make a pass at you, but never really imagining that you would sleep with him. Well, all that happened and then the Vice President's husband was murdered. In seeking the truth about that, I got myself into a lot of scenes similar to last year. I did manage to keep my clothes on this year, so it's anybody's guess."

Last year Bucatinsky won for "Nobody Likes Babies" epsidode, which included a notorious scene in which he and his husband stripped naked in order to make sure neither one was wearing a microphone to record incriminating conversation. If nominated this year, he plans to submit "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," in which his character, James, well … bites the bullet.

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