Dan Futterman Interview: ‘The Looming Tower’ producer

“The terrible, tragic, dramatic thing… that happens to John O’Neill [is] representative of the terrible tragedy of 9/11,” reveals showrunner Dan Futterman in an interview with Gold Derby (watch the exclusive video above) about “The Looming Tower.” The 10-episode Hulu limited series co-created by the two-time Oscar-nominated screenwriter (“Foxcatcher,” “Capote”) stars Emmy winner Jeff Daniels (“The Newsroom”) as O’Neill, who was a real-life Special Agent in Charge at the FBI in the lead-up to the September 11 attacks. Futterman continues, “This is what happens when government agencies don’t work together. This is what happens when people let their own egos get ahead of their duty to the country that they’re working for.”

Futterman is eligible in the Emmy race for Best Limited Series as an executive producer of “The Looming Tower” and is additionally eligible for Best Movie/Limited Writing; “The Looming Tower” is submitting only its finale to represent the show in that category. Futterman explains, “That’s one that I wrote with [director and story editor] Ali Selim. We split the show right down the middle. I wrote the scenes in the United States. He wrote the scenes that took place in Yemen; most of them are in Arabic. He speaks some Arabic; he’s of Egyptian Muslim descent and he wrote the great last scene with the interrogation.”

Although ordered as a limited series, there have been rumblings for months about continuing the series and Futterman admits that he is now “completely confused” about its future. He elaborates, “It would be a different story and we’ve talked about all different time frames. We’ve even talked about our actors playing different roles entirely in [a] prequel [or a] sequel, but I really don’t know that we’ve hit on anything that makes complete sense.”

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