Dan Goor Interview: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ producer

“It was a crazy, crazy, crazy series of lows and highs,” exclaims showrunner Dan Goor about the recent near death experience of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” On May 10, Fox cancelled the Golden Globe winning series that Goor co-created. He reveals, “I was upset. I had to do the sad thing of informing the cast. My difficult position was we had been cancelled, but there was a chance we would be picked up. I didn’t want to be too promissory and make people feel like we were going to be picked up. But I also didn’t want to be too desultory and ask people to abandon hope. And then 31 hours later I had the very happy task of telling the cast we had been picked up by NBC.”

As short as the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” cancellation lasted, there was an overwhelming online reaction. Goor explains, “In the middle of all that was the craziest thing of all. The way the internet rallied around to support ‘Nine-Nine.’ It was so moving and heartwarming to me. The celebrities who came forward like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Guillermo del Toro, Mark Hamill, Sean Astin and Seth Meyers was amazing. But even more amazing was our everyday fans who tweeted about it, and were on Reddit and Facebook. It felt like people cared about the show. And people care about the things about the show that we care about when we make it.”

The cancellation drama capped off a landmark season for the police station comedy. It won a GLADD award for its depiction of Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) coming out as bisexual. Goor adds, “When we did it, we didn’t realize this was the first time on a network television show in America that a good guy had said they were bisexual and not been killed off later in the season.”

The season also saw the engagement and wedding of Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero). Goor says the biggest challenge in the writer’s room was thinking “how to make the wedding episode compelling and funny when there was no inherent tension or conflict. We firmly believed that Jake and Amy wanted to marry each other. And we firmly believed that neither of them would have cold feet. Once we removed those impediments from the storytelling it can become very difficult to tell a compelling story. Our solution was to have a bomb threat which allowed them to work as cops and make it a ‘Nine-Nine’ centralized event.”

For next season Goor teases, “I’m looking forward to seeing Jake and Amy’s honeymoon. I’d like to put Holt (Andre Braugher) in an uncomfortable situation and see how he reacts. We’ve also talked about lacing the season with a case that follows through. We are debating how serialized we want the show to be.”

And with a shorter sixth season starting later, will there be an annual Halloween heist episode? He says, “We will not be airing during Halloween. This year’s would be difficult to top and felt like a closer. But I will say as a fan of the show I enjoy those episodes. Now we’ve done five in a row, we should try and make it six.”

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