Dan Levy Q&A: ‘Schitt’s Creek’

“Shooting is by far the most enjoyable experience” reveals showrunner Dan Levy about his Pop TV comedy “Schitt’s Creek.” In our recent webchat (watch the exclusive video above), the actor, producer, and writer adds, “It’s like summer camp. We spend the spring and summer shooting for three months with half of that time in the country. Everyone is there because they love to be there. I really revel in that. Whereas writing is the most challenging part of the show and in a way the most fulfilling.”

“Schitt’s Creek” has spent three seasons delving into the Rose family starring his dad Eugene Levy and longtime friend Catherine O’Hara. They have run into financial misfortune and have departed their life of luxury to live in the town of the series title. Levy explains that “at the root of the show is a story about love. It is about a family that has lived an extremely privileged life. Money has been able to solve a lot of their problems. As a result they have not been very close. So this circumstance has brought them closer. It’s made them realize that love is not tied to money and materialism. Season after season we are peeling back the layers to who these people really are.”

Levy plays David Rose the eldest son in the family. He says, “David is really guarded. For the past three seasons it’s been about letting his guard down slowly but surely. By the end of the third season we’ve introduced the potential of a relationship for him. Looking forward this will find him discovering things about himself that he’s never known before. Particularly the fact that he’s never had a successful relationship. Because in the past, people have bought into his friendship because they got something out of him in a tangible way.”

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