Dane Cook Q&A: ‘Troublemaker’

"It was that epiphany moment," admits Dane Cook when asked about the theme of his latest stand-up comedy special "Troublemaker," which aired on Showtime last fall. "The title came from talking to a couple some months after they had seen me working on this chunk of material," he recalls during our recent video chat. "At the time, I hadn't really figured out what the theme was going to be, I just knew there was a lot of stuff that was going to be really caustic about our insecurity in relationships, especially in a tech world where we can constantly spy on and keeps tabs on one another."

He reveals, "this couple broke up after my show, pretty much immediately … and one of them mentioned something about being a troublemaker. I was like "alright, that's it", I know that this stuff is true and will get me in some hot water, and I know there'll be some relationships that will be adhered and get stronger from it … or some people are going to go their own way."

As for his takedown of technology, he explains: "I had dated a girl that I brought to Hawaii. We're sitting in this beautiful landscape and I'm not kidding you she spent most of the time on her phone and when I finally looked over and saw what she was texting, it was emojis of the beach, the sun, palm trees, people swimming; she wasn't experiencing it!" Cook smiles. "I thank her to this day, because that whole piece [about texting] is the whole center of that special."

"Troublemaker" marks a return to form for Cook whose last comedy special was four years ago. "It’s a very important connection that we have as people. And it crosses everything. It crosses religion, skin colour, sexual preference; everything. It makes us common. And that's a great feeling, to all feel the same. In one room at one moment; whether it's 20,000 people at Madison Square Garden or 25 people at an improv on a Tuesday night."

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