Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans Interview: ‘Ozark’ composers

“It’s very minimal; it’s very organic,” explains Saunder Jurriaans about the score that he composes with Danny Bensi for “Ozark.” He continues in their exclusive interview with Gold Derby about the Netflix drama (watch the video above), “Even though we do use a lot of synths, most of them are processed, natural sounds that are run through synthesizers or run through effects and then the synths we do use are very analog, warming-sound tactile sounds and then the percussion is all very dry and real-sounding and it’s all played and none of it is looped. Then you have the strings and all the acoustic instruments that are played are recorded very close and you can hear the bows on the strings and the breath in a woodwind.”

The pair are nominated at the Emmy Awards in the Best Series Music category for their work on the third season finale under executive producer Jason Bateman, with whom they also collaborated this season on the debut of “The Outsider” on HBO. The nominated “Ozark” episode titled “All In” features “Wendy and Ben’s relationship theme,” which Jurriaans notes as a standout. He explains, “It’s very rare in the show that we bring out a natural-sounding piano like that.” He says about their entry for consideration, “That theme was a big part of our submission, just having it in there because we think it’s a great piece of music and something unique in the show and then the thing with the last episode is it had so much of the others — all of the ‘Ozark’ vibes. It also had a new theme for Navarro the drug lord.”

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