Dave Grohl Q&A: ‘Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways’

In our recent webcam chat, Foo Fighter founder Dave Grohl reveals just how surprised he was that his documentary "Sonic Highways" earned four Emmy nominations, including two for him as producer and director. "It didn't seem like something that was possible because the people working on it were just music lovers and friends." 

"Sonic Highways" follows his band across the country as they record songs in various cities for the album of the same name which was released last year. Besides Grohl's bids for Best Informational Series or Special and Best Directing (Nonfiction Programming) for the Washington, D.C. episode, the series contends for Sound Mixing and Sound Editing for the Seattle episode. 

Grohl compares directing to writing a song. "I don't know specifically what I'm doing. I just do it as I imagine it should be done," pointing out that he never took lessons on how to play the drums or guitar.

And he reminisces about being the last musical guest on "Late Show with David Letterman."  For Grohl, closing out the final show was, "one of my life's greatest moments."

He vividly recalls performing on Letterman's first show back after have major heart surgery back in 2000 and realizing the genuine affection that the late night host had for the Foo Fighters. Indeed, Letterman's production company, Worldwide Pants, was involved in the production of "Sonic Highways." 

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