David Klein Interview: ‘Homeland’ cinematographer

“As much as I love that show, it was good to be done,” admits “Homeland” cinematographer David Klein. “It was such a hard show, traveling the world and creating a new world every season. I owe that show a lot, but it was time, I think.” The multiple Emmy nominee reminisced about saying goodbye to the acclaimed series while appearing at Gold Derby’s Meet the BTL Experts panel, moderated virtually by managing editor Chris Beachum. Watch our exclusive video interview with Klein above.

Klein joined the Showtime series about globetrotting CIA agent Carrie Mathison’s (Claire Danes) efforts to track down terrorists abroad in Season 3. Much like Carrie, Klein traveled the world with the production, shooting in Charlotte, NC, Cape Town, Berlin, New York City, Richmond, VA, Morocco and, of course, Los Angeles, CA. “Every season was like starting a new show,” he recalls. “It was a whirlwind.”

This final season saw Carrie traveling to Morocco, so the production set up camp at a studio in Casablanca. “We were the first TV show to attempt spending that much time in Casablanca,” Klein reveals. “So we had to import a massive amount of crew and equipment, we had to build our own stages out of an old convention center.” In many ways, it was almost like “the reinvention of the wheel,” which “made it difficult” to shoot in the city.

Klein is a three-time Emmy nominee for “Homeland” and “Deadwood.” He also received an ASC nom for “Homeland.” Other projects have included “Six,” “True Blood” and “Pushing Daisies.”

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