Dayna Pink interview: ‘Lovecraft Country’ costume designer

“As sad as I am not to do more of it, it doesn’t take anything away from the experience that we all had, which was different than anything I’ve done before,” says costume designer Dayna Pink about her work on “Lovecraft Country,” which won’t be returning for a second season but earned 18 Emmy nominations including Best Drama Series and one for Pink’s creative efforts. The show was “a real gift to me as an artist and as a person … I can’t be sad about that.” We talked to Pink as part of our “Meet the BTL Experts” panel with Emmy-nominated costume designers. Watch our interview above.

Pink is up for Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Costumes for the episode “I Am,” in which Hippolyta (Best Drama Supporting Actress nominee Aunjanue Ellis) travels through time, requiring Pink to design looks for Josephine Baker and her Parisian dancers, the Dahomey Amazons of West Africa, and Hippolyta’s own journey to the future. “We were covered in hot glue and sequins and all different kinds of stuff for that episode, just because it jumped around so much,” she remembers.

And the show’s otherworldly elements gave her freedom to go beyond mere recreations of historical styles. “We had the room to make whatever we wanted. So we changed it and shifted it. And we built it all piece by piece … Part of the beauty of that show for me was room to create and not be bound to have to follow someone else’s idea.”

Compared to other episodes of “Lovecraft Country,” “this was a big one” in terms of the sheer volume of costumes needed and the “wide breadth of periods” Pink had to cover, “but they were all challenging. This whole show had so many moving parts and so many periods … It really was a whole hamster wheel of running and running and running. And I loved every episode and every moment.”

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