Denis O’Hare Q&A: ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

During our recent webcam video, Denis O'Hare reveals his surprise at receiving a Best Movie/Mini Supporting Actor Emmy nomination for FX's "American Horror Story: Freak Show." "I think it was doubly exciting because I didn't expect it. I honestly thought, eh, it's not gonna happen for me, and I was at peace with it. So to then get it was really sweet."

For the first time in Emmys history, the TV academy has decided this year that the supporting nominees from limited series must choose specific episodes to submit to judges. O'Hare's submission is "Pink Cupcakes," the fifth episode, where his character Stanley's fantasy life is explored as he tries to kidnap and sell the freaks to a museum.

"It was a great episode because I got to bake, I got to kill people in a fantasy, I got to show off my smoking skills, I got to be nasty. And then I got to be innocent at the end of it. I didn't actually kill anybody, so it was the best of both worlds," he reveals. "In all honesty, I loved that episode because it was witty. The characters have intelligence, they have a turn of phrase, the situations are horrifically funny and this [episode] typifies that."

O'Hare adds that he was torn between the "Pink Cupcakes" episode and "one of the later ones where I was actually trying to get Jimmy to give me his claws." He takes pride in the Emmy submission process and loved picking his own episode this year. "Who knows better than we do what work we put into it and ultimately what effect we think we're achieving? Yeah, you gotta do it."

Also in our chat, the Tony-winning actor talks about the departure of Jessica Lange, the challenges of working with Sarah Paulson's two-headed character and he even teases his bald "AHS: Hotel" character and the massive six-story hotel set, which comes complete with a working elevator.

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