Dennis Quaid Q&A: ‘The Art of More’

During our recent webcam chat (watch above), “The Art of More” star Dennis Quaid describes his character of Sam Brukner, a vulgar real estate tycoon with a massive art collection, as someone who “gets anything he wants, but he’s trying to get into the New York upper-crust society and just can’t quite get there.” This Crackle original drama series co-stars Christian Cooke as an Iraq war vet who goes from trafficking in stolen artifacts to working at a high-stakes auction house, and tries to land Brukner as his first big-name client.

Quaid says he based his character on “a couple of the many billionaires that I know.” He explains, “To be a billionaire, it’s kind of a different atmosphere. You kind of feel a little bit more entitled, a little bit more that you can get what you want to get. It’s just a question of money or a phone call here or there.”

Its easy to draw parallels between Brukner and another New York real estate tycoon, especially when he mounts a campaign for governor. “We were shooting for two months before Donald Trump announces that he’s running for President,” recalls Quaid, “and out of his mouth is coming some of the same things that are coming out of my mouth.” Although he wasn’t based on the Republican presumptive nominee entirely, the actor readily admits, “there are certain similarities there.”

Quaid, who won an Independent Spirit Award for “Far From Heaven” (2002), earned Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for portraying Bill Clinton in the HBO telefilm “The Special Relationship” (2010). He relished this opportunity, “to really develop an arc of a character over a long period of time.” The actor praises the current state of television, especially on cable and streaming services. “It reminds me of what was going on in movies back in the ‘70s, where you feel like the inmates have taken over the asylum,” he says. “It’s all these brave new things that aren’t possible to do on network television.”

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