Diane Kruger Interview: ‘In the Fade’

“I wasn’t quite sure if I could do it,” admits Diane Kruger about her emotional role in “In the Fade,” her first German-language film and the official Oscar submission from Germany in the Best Foreign Language Film category. In our recent webcam chat (watch the exclusive video above), she adds, “I wasn’t sure if I had the resources, seeing as I am not a mother myself, if I could portray and find the truth in this character.”

“In The Fade” follows Katja, a grieving woman whose life is shattered after she loses her husband and child in a deadly neo-Nazi hate crime. It is a sobering look at the effects that violent crimes have on those left behind, and expertly blends courtroom drama with tense revenge thriller. For her performance in the film, Kruger won the prestigious Best Actress prize at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

The actress relished the opportunity to play a woman crippled by grief, loss and anger, despite the challenges she faced in bringing her story to life. “I started sitting in on self-help groups,” Kruger explains. “I didn’t quite understand at the time how much that would affect me, [but] it became a life-changing thing because as the months and the weeks passed, and I just listened and allowed myself to feel their pain, and see the different stages of grief they were going through, and the unspeakable pain I saw in so many people’s eyes, it’s something I will never forget and it started to haunt me, where at night I couldn’t think of anything else. And I felt a huge sense of responsibility,” she admits. “By the time we started filming, I felt that I was ready, as I had heard and seen so much.”

For Kruger, it was the courtroom scenes that most challenged her, as Katja has to face the monsters that violently killed her family. “Those were the most difficult scenes to shoot,” she reveals. “Time has passed and she has moved on from the acute pain of what just happened, to wanting to fight, to make sure that these people, these killers, are getting what they deserve,” she says. “When the verdict is read, I needed to play it like there was nothing. There was nothing left. She’s gone through everything she had in her. There’s nothing left and it’s the end of everything, and that is the day she decides that revenge is the only option.”

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