Diane Lane and Elle Fanning Q&A: ‘Trumbo’

"You're living up to people's sense of sacrifice and the nobility of their cause and injustice that they went through," says actress Diane Lane about her true-life role in the new film "Trumbo." She plays Cleo Trumbo, the devoted wife of Dalton Trumbo, one of the top screenwriters in the 1940s who refused to testify when called before the House Un-American Activities Committee about communists in the film industry.

In our recent interview, Lane adds that the family "was being punished, vilified, criminalized for their American right to have political beliefs that were out of the mainstream. The diversity that democracy is supposed to afford us is to be able to disagree."

Emmy and Tony Award winner Bryan Cranston plays the blacklisted screenwriter in the film direced by Jay Roach. Elle Fanning, who takes on the role of his passionate and outspoken teen daughter Niki Trumbo, also joined our interview. Of working with Cranston, she adds, "We had rehearsals where we'd sit down and talk about those scenes where I was most nervous about where I actually had to fight with him. I'm definitely not going to win this because it's Bryan. Just the way he ages, and he IS Trumbo!"

Lane is a past Oscar nominee for her lead role in the movie "Unfaithful" (2002). She also received a Golden Globe nomination for that film as well as for "Under the Tuscan Sun" (2003) and the telefilm "Cinema Verite" (2011). She began her career in her teens with "A Little Romance" and then "The Outsiders," "Rumble Fish," "The Cotton Club," "Lonesome Dove," "The Perfect Storm," "Hollywoodland," and "Secretariat," among many.

Fanning had a major role in the Disney film "Maleficent" last year and has also starred in "Super 8" and "We Bought a Zoo." She is already generating awards buzz for next year's indie movie "About Ray," about a girl who is transitioning into a boy.

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