Diane Warren interview: ‘Tell It Like a Woman’ songwriter

Songwriter Diane Warren thought the anthology film “Tell It Like a Woman” was “amazing … So many countries and perspectives are represented here.” She wrote “Applause” for the film, and it made the Oscars shortlist for Best Original Song, so we chatted with Warren for our “Meet the Experts” film songwriters panel. Watch our exclusive video interview above.

“Tell It Like a Woman” comprises seven short films directed by women and told from women’s points of view. They range from Taraji P. Henson‘s “Pepcy and Kim” about a prison inmate (Jennifer Hudson) whose childhood traumas have led her into drug addiction, to Lucia Bulgheroni and Silvia Carobbio‘s animated “Aria” about freeing oneself from rigid gender stereotypes.

Warren wrote “Applause” not for any one segment in particular, but considering the collection as a whole: “There were so many stories, but what I got from it was, it’s all about survival and the fact that these women went through so much, but managed to survive and thrive. And I wanted to write a really empowering song, which is, give yourself some applause because you made it through.”

But this isn’t the only applause Warren is celebrating. After 13 Oscar nominations for Best Original Song, she made history as the first songwriter ever to be awarded an Honorary Oscar for her body of work. Singer Sofia Carson was actually recording “Applause” when Warren got the news, so she thought, “I guess I’ll give myself some applause for a second and then go back to beating myself up right after. It’s such an amazing honor … If you look at the list of who has gotten that award, it’s pretty mind-blowing.” But “he told me he wants a friend,” so perhaps “Applause” will earn her an Oscar bookend and another opportunity to thank the academy.

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