Dominic Remane Q&A: ‘Vikings’ Visual Effects

Visual effects supervisor Dominic Remane recently scored his second Emmy nomination for his work on "Vikings," which airs on the History Channel. During our recent video chat (watch it below), he walked us through his line of work, explaining that shows approach visual effects in two ways. Some create things "that you wouldn't expect to see in real life," whereas Remane and his "Vikings" crew "try and achieve invisible effects, which is mainly enhancing environments" and includes tasks such as converting hills and mountains filmed in Dublin to the fjords that are more characteristic of the series's Norwegian setting.

Remane also discussed how the visual effects industry has changed since he entered it a decade ago: "Even four or five years ago, we might have spent five or six hours on a single object rendering it, and now we're getting to the point where we can render an entire city in five hours."

Instead of submitting an entire episode to Emmy judges, as is done for most categories, nominees for Best Supporting Visual Effects submit seven-minute videos that include four minutes of contextual scenes from a single episode, followed by three minutes of before-and-after shots from that episode. The latter portion of the "Vikings" reel is online; it showcases work done for the nominated episode "Invasion," which features a four-year time jump in the story and plenty of effects-enhanced scenes on the high seas.

Remane is currently at work in Dublin on the historical drama's third season, which he teases has been the most challenging yet from a technical perspective.

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