Drew Boughton Interview: ‘The Man in the High Castle’ production designer

“In the third season, we were given more resources, more money and more time to really build out some really beautiful things,” production designer Drew Boughton tells Gold Derby in an exclusive interview about “The Man in the High Castle” (watch the video above). He says about how the new sets went “a notch up over” those of earlier seasons, “We built, really, one of our most impressive sets for the Smith family and we also, at the same time, built a big set for the Denver palace, which is like the capital of our Neutral Zone areas and that also was a wonderful set and beautifully painted and beautifully detailed.” Boughton is nominated for his third Emmy this year, having entered the season premiere titled “Now More Than Ever, We Care About You” for Best Period/Fantasy Production Design consideration. He explains the submission selection, “The first episode has all of our new sets and really some of our best work of the show so far in it.”

Amazon will release the fourth and final season this November. Boughton accidentally teases about his work on it, “The big set this year was we expanded the world of the Japanese imperial authority. We created a big new interior setting for where we took over the interior of the San Francisco city hall and we built a big set basically so that could create the space that would have been taken over by the new military dictator, so it’s basically upped the ante for our Japanese imperial world-building.”

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