Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott Interview: ‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’

“It’s one thing to have a beautiful house, but a house is just a collection of studs and windows and decor and things like that. But a home is that safe escape where you can spend time with your family and you can create memories,” says Jonathan Scott about “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” his latest HGTV series with brother Drew Scott in which they give families living spaces they can build their lives around. Watch our exclusive video interview with the Scotts above.

In the original version of “Property Brothers,” the Scotts helped families buy fixer-uppers that they would renovate and move into. But fans wanted to see them help their clients turn the houses they already own into dream homes for a lifetime. “This is where their kids took their first steps, or this is where in the door frame they’ve been measuring the height of their kids since they were born,” Drew explains. “There’s so much emotion that comes out of any of those moments, those memories, so the big thing for us is to capture those. People are keeping those memories, but we’re giving them a space where they can create new ones.”

“And we believe too that your home should make your life easier,” Jonathan adds, “and if it successfully makes your life easier then it means you can spend more time with activities with the kids, or having friends and family over, all of these things. So it’s important for us that it’s that perfect balance of function but also something that’s going to improve your lifestyle.”

“Property Brothers” was Emmy-nominated for Best Structured Reality Program in 2015, and “Forever Home,” which premiered in 2019, will be competing in that race this year. Drew and Jonathan Scott will also be contenders for Best Reality Host for their tireless work in front of the camera, where they have helped around 400 families thus far in their careers. And on top of all that they have yet another series premiering in April: “Celebrity IOU,” in which stars like Melissa McCarthy and Viola Davis pay it back to people who have made a difference in their lives. So the Scott brothers seem to be well on their way to 400 more.

16 thoughts on “Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott Interview: ‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’”

  1. Hi. I hope you are both/all doing well and that Drew you are taking care of what seems to be a slight cold. I had the cc on, so don’t know if your were sounding like your regular happy, positive self ! Jonathan, you had a lot on the go there and you are looking so ‘glowy’, in a man way? Ìf that is a thing !? Love you all; you’re beyond amazing. You really are both geniuses in a lot of ways.. God bless and stay safe.♡♡♡

  2. Dear Drew and Jonathan,
    I love all your shows but I live on a very limited income and can no longer afford cable. Please, for all of your fans who can’t afford $200 for cable, sign up with one of the streaming channels so o we can continue to watch all of your shows! I am so sad that I can’t watch you. I am staying home, as being confined at home is no new thing for me, I love watching you and several other HGTV shows! So please do it for all of us confined at home!

    1. Hi the Drew Brothers I hope you are keeping up during this world wide crisis. I am a South Africa who loves n watches yo shows. I wish you ca come to S A and spruce up my pozzie…. Regards

  3. I live with my daughter and son in law. My son is buying the home from them and i was always wanting the brothers to come to West Valley City Utah. There are some things that need to be done in this house and also would like to add a garage. But i don’t know if they come here.

  4. I just bought a home that was built for me about 4 years ago. I would like to have it furnished but cannot afford this to be done. I love to watch the Property Brothers and how they build and furnish people’s houses. The covid-19 virus has made it impossible for me to strive for a better future.

  5. Can Drew and Jonathan please have a contest. When all this Coronavirus stuff is over🙏. My house is in dire need of a makeover, I would love to enter a contest so that they can have local designers help with the makeover. Just wishing and praying 🙏

  6. I have been watching property Brothers every since they started filming love their show, I have always wanted a home I am 68 years old and have never owned my own home I am disabled and no longer can work, but at my age I am raising my grandchildren from she 4 to 13 I am in a small 2 bedroom apartment so it gets crowded very quickly, I with that this iou program all the best but I would love to be involved in a pay it forward program and have the property Brothers to build me and my grandchildren a home that is ours and big enough so they could invite there friends over and have a real home. Thank you property Brothers and HGTV for all the pleasure you have brought to me .

    1. Theres just to much to ask and as a woman im afraid of some of these jobs. But i didnt realize how fast a home shows no ones able to do some of these task to it. Just to much to ask, i do enjoy your shows. Think johnnath
      Has great taste most of the time. Drew lighten up. Just decided to much to ask

  7. Love watching your shows!! You both keep me inspired daily, so that I can do projects at home to improve our living space. Thank you for all you do for families in need!!!

    Would love you to do my house, but alas I don’t have the money and there are plenty of families that need you more than I do.

    Thank you & God Bless

  8. The Property Brother shows are my favorite! Including the reruns of the initial episodes – Property Brothers, Buying and Selling and now Forever Home.

  9. Love the Property Brothers, only got to watch HGTV when I visited my sister. But have been with you throughout the years. You truly inspire us to view our homes in new ways, you have great ideas and room layouts. I have been able to incorporate a few ideas. God be with you in the future, that he would protect you. That you would have wisdom, grace and peace.

  10. My two best “SPECIAL PEOPLE ” on TV, IN EVERY ASPECT OF HOW THEY INTERACT WITH EVERYONE THEY TOUCH 💖 ! LIKE THE BEST OF “”SON’S” Parents couls share with the world. Soo proud !!! 😇

  11. I need help with my home but we in n.c. i am a foster parent never seen you in nc 27889i love u guys and your work

  12. Hi I just wanted to say that I admire both of and your dedication on making a forever home for our people all around the world. I love watching your show all the time. My dream is to one day have you both come and help me complete my forever home. God bless you both abundantly 🙏❤

  13. Love your show Drew and Jonathon!!!❤Unfortunately like Jacquelyn, I can’t afford cable any more, as living paycheck to paycheck is tight. Please think about streaming. I love the hope and family togetherness you encourage and help people achieve dreams they can’t do on their own. And you give great ideas that every one can try. 👍 (So many home shows are so far above the average American’s practicality and affordability.) I’ll never be able to fix up my place into my dream home, so I entered your dream home makeover contest the first part of March this year. Is it on hold until this health crisis has passed? I hope you and yours remain safe and we all will get thru this together. Take care, 🎶

  14. Hi Johnathan and Drew I love your forever home show. We got our forever home in 2012 my husband of 32 years lost his job and it took him 3 years to get hired. My father in law moved to the town we moved to in 1990 to be with his granddaughters, they were everything to him sadly he passed away in December 11, 2011then the next month we had to leave our house cause bank was foreclosing on us my husband started his first day a week after his Dad passed. We moved into his house and I kid you not it looks like the nineties exactly how they built it. We moved in and money to improve the house is not there yet. Still trying to save. It would be a miracle to be on your show you guys are so talented. Anyways I luv all your shows watch them all day. If your every in Murrieta California looking for a corky family give us a shout.

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