Dylan McDermott Interview: ‘LA to Vegas’

When Dylan McDermott first read the role of Captain Dave in the FOX comedy “LA to Vegas” he knew instantly that “this is the guy I’ve been waiting for.” McDermott, who did stand-up in New York and grew up admiring Peter Sellers, was “looking to do something different” from the heavy dramas (“The Practice,” “American Horror Story“) that made him a star. “I love this absurd humor,” he reveals, “and Captain Dave obviously is absurd, so I was just completely attracted to him.” Dave is the drunken, womanizing pilot of a budget airline whose main flight is a weekend route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Watch our exclusive video interview with McDermott above.

The actor describes his character as “a throwback,” explaining, “I put him specifically in 1991, and he has stayed there ever since. He doesn’t watch the news, he wears the same clothes, he hasn’t caught up to present day reality. So he truly is a throwback to another time.” Captain Dave lives in a camper with his dog and the remnants of his failed marriages. “He says that his true love is the sky,” says McDermott, “and I think that’s where he lives.”

But there’s also a well of sadness underneath all of Captain Dave’s swagger. Like the veteran flight attendant (Kim Matula) who wants to ditch Jackpot Airlines for a classier gig, Dave dreams of bigger things. “There is a sadness about him,” McDermott reveals, “and a disappointment in himself.” He was excited to have “a deeper character to play, and veil it with comedy.”

McDermott previously competed at the Emmys as Best Drama Actor for “The Practice” in 1999. That series also brought him a Golden Globe win in 1999 and further bids in 2000 and 2001. He also contended at the SAG Awards three times as a member of the show’s ensemble from 1999-2001. In his long career, he has had additional prominent roles on both the big screen (“In the Line of Fire,” “The Campaign,” “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”) and the small (“Dark Blue,” “Hostages,” “Stalker”).

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