Eddie Redmayne interview: ‘The Good Nurse’

“I’m someone that prefers to react to what’s in front of me, rather than going out with an aspiration or ambition of what I could play,” reveals Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne in our recent webchat. He plays serial killer Charles Cullin in “The Good Nurse,” which made its Netflix debut on October 26. “This script arrived in my hands six years ago and I knew [director Tobias Lindholm‘s] work. When I read the script it had the label of true crime, but as it unraveled it seemed almost genre-less. It refused to be boxed.” Watch our exclusive video interview above.

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In “The Good Nurse,” Redmayne plays an infamous caregiver implicated in the deaths of hundreds of hospital patients. He is ultimately brought to justice by his friend and co-worker Amy Loughren (played by Oscar winner Jessica Chastain). The film remained on Netflix’s Global Top 10 list for four weeks following its release, reaching over 129 million hours viewed worldwide. Redmayne recently received a Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe nomination for his transformative performance.

“This was the first Netflix-made movie that I’ve done,” the actor explains. “Those figures are astonishing and too much to get one’s head around. They’re just lots of numbers! But the way I gauge how something’s done is whether people talk about it. The interesting thing about this film is that when you watch it, it forces a conversation. I notice that out in the street. Sometimes you do movies and your mom watches it, a couple of your buddies. Sometimes you do movies that people stop you and feel an urgency to talk to you about. This was one of those.”

Although Redmayne is recognizable in the movie, there are obvious changes in his voice and posture. “From an actor’s point of view, this is one of those dream roles,” he admits. “The film is based on a book called ‘The Good Nurse’ by Charles Graeber. The last third of it is Charlie’s story with Amy and the other two-thirds are a very intimate biography of Charlie. So you had psychological reports and all of these insights from Charles Graeber who spent a lot of time with Charlie. He described him as looking like a question mark. That was a major insight to me. Not just his hunched, quite unique physicality, but also the power in the anonymous and being a blank.”

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In addition to more in-depth stories about his work on “The Good Nurse,” the actor reminisces about his early days in Hollywood when he lived with other aspiring actors including Oscar nominee Andrew Garfield. “We look back on that time as bliss,” he recalls. “It was living in LA, escaping the rains of London. But the truth was, my memory of that period was just endlessly driving around LA in a rental car with the floor next to me covered in sheets of auditions. Each one with a different American accent and you turned up with a line of people a la ‘La La Land’ who all sort of looked identical. Normally Jamie Dornan was there, Andrew was there, Charlie Cox was there, Tom Sturridge was there. And really, we didn’t get anything. Eventually it was something we did in the UK that got us a leg up in the industry.”

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