Edie Falco Q&A: ‘Nurse Jackie’

There was "tons of crying, a big party on set afterwards," says actress Edie Falco about the feeling on set after shooting the last episode of "Nurse Jackie," which airs on June 28. In a lot of ways, it's a different experience from when "The Sopranos" ended, "but the saying goodbye part feels the same. It just feels kinda yucky. You've gotten to know these people really well … and then you say goodbye. It's the nature of this business, but it's never easy."

Falco doesn't reveal any specifics about the finale, but "I'm very happy with the way it ends," she says. "There's so much pressure about this 'last episode syndrome' about having to make it the most special thing, [but] it feels in keeping with the show throughout, and I couldn't ask more than that. I'm very proud of it."

She's also proud of the way the show has tackled the subject of addiction, which has had an impact on her own life. Jackie's experience over the course of the series has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, and not the simple rise or fall of a hero or antihero. "That mimics my experience of addiction in the world, with people I have known and loved," she explains. "It's not linear. Just when you think things are great, they get bad. Or just when you think things are irreparable, they get good. It's the nature of that kind of lifestyle … It sneaks up on you when you're not paying attention. They say in AA that while you're getting sober, your disease is outside the door doing push-ups."

Now that the show is over, Falco is reading scripts in search of her next project, but she's avoiding addicts and nurses because she'd like to play something different after seven seasons as Jackie Peyton. "It runs the gamut: some theater stuff, some film stuff, and some TV stuff," she says. "First and foremost, I'm taking the summer off and I'm just going to be with my family and take a real vacation, and we'll see what happens when we get back. It's kind of an exciting time. The sky's the limit."

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