Editors clash predicting Best Drama Series Golden Globe

What will win Best Drama Series at the 2021 Golden Globes? Our smarty-pants editors think they know. Daniel Montgomery, Marcus James Dixon and Zach Laws recently got together to chat all things drama, including who might win those hard-to-predict lead acting races. Amazingly, all three Gold Derby staffers have a different series in their #1 positions: Daniel picks Netflix’s “Bridgerton,” Marcus goes with Amazon Prime’s “The Boys” and Zach forecasts Disney Plus’ “The Mandalorian.” Who’s right? Watch our editors’ video slugfest above or listen to the audio podcast below.

“I had the consensus pick ‘The Crown’ to win Best Drama Series at first, sort of by default,” Daniel confesses. “It feels like this year is so in flux that it’s the only thing that I’m confident the voters like. But they also don’t like to repeat themselves too much at the Globes. So I moved it down to #2 and I moved up ‘Bridgerton,’ which has a similar appeal. It’s this swanky, high production value, British costume drama. It’s buzzy, it’s #1 on Netflix on their charts consistently. It’s Shonda Rhimes, who won this for ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ It feels like it’s coming at the right time.”

Marcus is going out on a limb by predicting “The Boys” to win Best Drama Series. “I realize it’s a little bit crazy because last year it got snubbed across the board, it didn’t get anything,” he concedes. “‘The Boys’ grew so much this year in terms of buzz and respect, and their awards campaign shows it — everyone is doing interviews this year virtually.”

As for Zach’s pick of “The Mandalorian,” he explains, “One of the things that we know that the Globes like to do is they like to anoint a new front-runner. They did this last year with ‘Succession’ when it won Drama Series after a really buzzy first season that then grew in appeal … ‘The Mandalorian’ was completely left off [last year’s Globes], but it has this air of respectability now because of all of its Emmy wins. I think that the Globes might take this as an opportunity to put themselves forward as once again predicting next year’s big Emmy favorite.”

Our editors think some of the Drama Actress contenders to watch out for are Olivia Colman and Emma Corrin (“The Crown”), Jurnee Smollett (“Lovecraft Country”), Sarah Paulson (“Ratched”), Phoebe Dynevor (“Bridgerton”) and Laura Linney (“Ozark”).

Over in the Drama Actor race, they predict nominations for Matthew Rhys (“Perry Mason”), Josh O’Connor (“The Crown”), Antony Starr (“The Boys”), Jason Bateman (“Ozark”), Rege-Jean Page (“Bridgerton”), Pedro Pascal (“The Mandalorian”) and Al Pacino (“Hunters”).

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