Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz Interview: ‘Amazing Stories’

“The show meant a lot to us and to me personally as a kid watching it,” reveals showrunner Adam Horowitz about the joy of bringing back the 1980s classic “Amazing Stories” for a modern audience alongside his longtime collaborator Edward Kitsis, who both joined Gold Derby to talk about the show (watch the exclusive video above).

“That idea that there was going to be a Steven Spielberg story in my living room every week was just beyond my little child brain’s ability to comprehend,” Horowitz explains. “The fact that I got to work with him all these years later in bringing the show back is beyond my adult brain to comprehend.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Kitsis and Horowitz above.

Like its 1985 predecessor, “Amazing Stories” is a fantasy anthology series, developed decades later for AppleTV+. After finishing up on their last major project, ABC’s fantasy drama “Once Upon a Time,” Kitsis and Horowitz jumped at the chance to work with Spielberg, one of their idols on this new project.

“Something we were after with this show was that feeling that Steven was able to create throughout his career and the kind of storytelling he’s done throughout his career,” Horowitz says. “This amazing ability to get to humanity and to get to wonder and to be amazing and that is the bar we set with this show, which is, how do we do that today? How do we bring that back and what does that look like today?”

When asked about whether there is room for nostalgia and wonder on our televisions, Kitsis is adamant that there might not be a better time than now. “Nostalgia is like eating a hamburger. It comforts you. For us, we did not realize we would be premiering in a pandemic but what we did feel like was the world was unsettled. When we created ‘Once Upon a Time,’ it was during the financial crisis and we said we would love for a show to have some hope in the end because that’s what we felt that we wanted to write about,” he explains.

“‘Amazing Stories’ furthers that for us because it is not just nostalgia but it’s what those stories did. Steven’s stories always inspired you. You take an ordinary circumstance and something extraordinary hits it and you come out stronger on the other end. That’s collectively what the world is going through and I think right now, at least for me personally, I’d rather sit down and watch something more uplifting and hopeful than something dark and bleak because I’m not sure I can take much more right now.”

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