Elisabeth Moss: ‘Mad Men’ women getting more ‘complicated’


Peggy Olson started out as the meek secretary of advertising executive Don Draper (Jon Hamm) in the first season of "Mad Men." Five years on, she has moved up the corporate ladder, a fact that brings pride to actress Elisabeth Moss who celebrates that the women on the the AMC series have become more "complicated."

In a video chat with Gold Derby, Moss recalls, "starting out as the eyes and ears of the audience coming into this world like Peggy did on her first day in the pilot. Then really women rose up in the ranks and had more and more power and changed things for women in the workplace. You can't show this world without showing both sides of it."

Now the chief copywriter for the agency, Peggy's relationship has also changed with Don. For Moss, "That scene this season in the test kitchen where we yell at each other was so much fun to do. I really have stood across from him as he stood behind his desk and yelled at me so many times, so it was really nice to have that opportunity." She added, "As time has gone on, they've sort of merged as people and become more and more similar… As she has grown stronger, I think it's completely appropriate they're not always going to agree on things."

While the show itself has won a record-tying four consecutive Emmy Awards as Best Drama Series, none of the actors or actresses has ever won a trophy. Moss was nominated as Best Drama Actress in 2009 and 2011 plus the supporting race in 2010.

Moss will once again be on the ballot as a lead actress this summer, vying for a nomination with co-star Jessica Pare. As for her episode submission, she says her best work is still to be seen in one of the remaining installments of the fifth season.

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