Elisabeth Moss Q&A: ‘Truth’

"She is one of my idols, which she would laugh at," confesses Elisabeth Moss about working with two-time Oscar winner Cate Blanchett on the new film "Truth." In our recent interview, she adds, "She is really one of those actresses who is there for the work. She is incredibly brilliant and talented but also very funny and nice and easy to work with. When you meet your idols, you never really know how that's going to go. I was beyond pleased in meeting this idol."

Blanchett plays Mary Mapes, a news producer for "60 Minutes Wednesday" (aka "60 Minutes 2") while Moss is Lucy Scott, a journalism professor on her team. In the middle of the 2004 election, they air a story about President George W. Bush and the preferential treatment that saw him avoid Vietnam by serving in the Texas Air National Guard. However, the evidence used to prove this came under attack and CBS ultimately apologized and fired Mapes, who wrote the book on which this film is based. 

Oscar-winning director Robert Redford ("Ordinary People") portrays legendary newsman Dan Rather. Moss admits, "When I first heard about him playing Dan Rather, I (thought), 'That's odd. They don't really look anything alike.' After watching the film in Toronto and hanging out with Dan that night, I was weirdly getting them confused in my head. It works because what you really need is the essence of Dan, which is a legendary and heroic quality. The essence of the two of them is very, very similar."

While Blanchett is up in lead, Redford and Topher Grace are submitted in supporting as is Moss. She has had a great awards run in recent years. She has two SAG Awards on her shelf as part of the Best TV Drama Ensemble of "Mad Men" (2009, 2010) and won her first Golden Globe in 2014 for her leading role in the limited series "Top of the Lake."

She received her first Tony Award nomination last spring for "The Heidi Chronicles" (losing out to Helen Mirren in "The Audience"). And she contended for the sixth and final time at the recent Emmys  for her long-running role as Peggy Olson on "Mad Men." She lost this last race to Viola Davis ("How to Get Away with Murder").

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