Ellen Page and Ian Daniel Q&A: ‘Gaycation’

Ellen Page felt “complete gratitude” when she learned that her Viceland docuseries “Gaycation” had earned an Emmy nomination for Best Unstructured Reality Series. She and her co-host Ian Daniel talked with us about the show, its recognition and the upcoming second season, which premieres September 7. Watch our interview above.

The series explores the diverse experiences of LGBTQ people around the world. Season one visited Japan, Brazil and Jamaica before bringing its focus back to the United States, where despite recent advances in gay rights there remains a crisis, especially when it comes to violence against the transgender community.

Page was especially struck by how meaningful the nomination is for the show’s participants. “We felt like this was really for all the individuals around the world who do put a lot on the line to talk to us,” she explains. “A lot of people who are on our show do it anonymously. The show is these extraordinary people around the world who are willing to be brave, courageous and vulnerable to be a part of this. That’s what I was reflecting on the most.”

Daniel agrees and adds, “It was exciting to know that we were nominated, that people were recognizing the hard work that we and the team at Viceland put into it. People are working really hard to make the show well-rounded, open-minded, hard-hitting and loving.”

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