Elvis Nolasco Q&A: ‘American Crime’

He’s “a lost soul,” says Elvis Nolasco about his breakthrough television role as the downtrodden, drug addicted and incarcerated Carter Nix, the chief suspect of the murder at the center of "American Crime." In our video chat below, the actor revisits the challenges of bringing this character to life in the critically acclaimed limited series created by Oscar-winning writer John Ridley ("12 Years a Slave").

“I was trying to find the truth and the vulnerability of the character … and I was able to tap into the unfulfilled need of Carter Nix,” explains Nolasco. “I always envisaged Carter Nix as this young man who is walking the face of this Earth with a huge, huge hole inside of him. This huge void, that he’s trying to, by any means necessary, figure out a way to fill this emptiness.”

One of the key relationships of the series is between Aubrey Taylor (Caitlin Gerard) and Nix. “They’re two lost souls, and they do for each other whatever it is that the other person is missing in their lives." As for why viewers have responded to them so intensely, the actor explains, “John Ridley, from the very beginning, he let us know, 'I’m going to ask a lot of you guys,' without putting fear into us and without telling us too much, he pretty much let us know that 'you guys are going to go on a ride, and I just want you to know that I need you guys to be ready' … and I think this is what people embrace about this love affair.”

Nolasco was recently nominated for a Critics Choice TV Award as Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series. What did he do upon hearing this news? “I got on the phone and called my mother out in the Dominican Republic and shared the news with her … it was really unexpected and I’m truly grateful.”

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