Emma Corrin interview: ‘The Crown’

“Incredibly surreal” is how Emma Corrin explains she felt last week when she was nominated for a Golden Globe, then a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best TV Drama Actress for her portrayal as Princess Diana in “The Crown” on Netflix. She continues in her exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above), “I don’t think anyone at any point expects to be nominated and it was such an honor and also, because we’re in the middle of the pandemic and I’m just in my flat with my flat-mates, it felt honestly like a strange dream, but incredibly honored and excited and so proud of the show.” Corrin is also nominated for a Critics Choice Award and a Satellite Award.

Later last week, Corrin was announced to be starring opposite Harry Styles in the film adaptation of the 2012 novel “My Policeman.” She says about choosing projects, “I love telling important, rich human stories.” Corrin clarifies that it did not factor into her decision-making process how similar or dissimilar this next part will be to her breakthrough performance as Diana.

“It can be quite scary to think about the next thing you’re going to do if you fixate on making a statement or having to do something totally different or forcing yourself into any particular corner,” explains Corrin. She elaborates about the appeal of this specific production, “I got sent the script last autumn and I read it and totally fell in love with the character Marion. It’s an incredibly interesting, nuanced story about three people in this incredibly complex relationship.”

“What a terrifying concept,” gasps Corrin in response to being asked about what she would say in a hypothetical meeting with the late Princess Diana. She continues, “I’d love to sit down and talk to her and discover everything about her. I’d like to ask her why she didn’t leave before she did, but I understand why she didn’t as well, so I also feel like that’s a stupid question. Maybe something really stupid, like her favorite TV show.”

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