Emma D’Arcy interview: ‘Truth Seekers’

“She’s not a damsel that needs rescuing — she’ll also be working hard,” explains Emma D’Arcy about her character Astrid on “Truth Seekers.” “You don’t often get female characters who get to be as brave and as kick-ass and as front-footed as Astrid,” D’Arcy adds in her exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above).

She elaborates, “She’s got nothing to lose, do you know what I mean? And that’s really charming and exciting and somehow, Astrid’s femininity isn’t a defining aspect for that character and that’s really encouraging because parts like that are still pretty limited and I also really like the fact that big questions about where Astrid’s come from are part of the underlying story.”

Amazon released the eight-episode first season on their Amazon Prime Video streaming platform in October. Astrid begins and ends the horror comedy from Nick Frost and Simon Pegg separated from the rest of the main cast of paranormal investigators — the “Scooby Doo squad of misfits who, due to trauma or loss, are all searching for more than the normal reality and also for a self-made family and community.” She explains about her character’s motivations, “Broadly, she is looking for a family. She’s looking for a community and to be part of something.”

D’Arcy speculates about her role in a potential second season, “My guess is that getting Astrid back or bringing Astrid back from the other side will certainly be [Samson Kayo‘s character] Elton’s primary desire at the start of the next series would be my thought. Whether that’s possible, I don’t know.”

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