Emmy predictions slugfest: Best Drama Supporting Actor and Actress

“It’s been a concern of mine for a while,” says Rob Licuria about vote-splitting influencing the outcome of the 2020 Emmy Awards race for Best Drama Supporting Actor, where “Succession” has three nominations. Licuria joined me and fellow Gold Derby contributors Charlie Bright and Tony Ruiz to discuss our predictions in that category, as well as Best Drama Supporting Actress (watch the video above).

Licuria and Ruiz are betting on Kieran Culkin to win the Emmy after scoring Golden Globe nominations for both seasons of “Succession” thus far. Bright and I are going with category front-runner Billy Crudup of “The Morning Show” and actually both have Culkin’s co-star Matthew Macfadyen ranked as second most likely, inadvertently demonstrating the lack of consensus about “Succession” that could secure Crudup the victory.

Helena Bonham Carter of “The Crown” is favored in Best Drama Supporting Actress, but none of us are predicting her. “It’s a no-brainer for me,” reveals Licuria about instead picking “Succession” star Sarah Snook, whom he says is “so good in season two” and even gives “an acting masterclass.”

The rest of us are banking on Julia Garner of “Ozark” to repeat her victory from last year. Ruiz reasons, “Garner really was as wonderful in season three as she was in two and she gets a lot of those really rah-rah moments where you actually cheer for her. When she’s standing up to Laura Linney, doesn’t she call her a bitch wolf?”

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