Emmy predictions: Tom vs. Pete debate Netflix vs. HBO for limited series and movies

Now that “Chernobyl” just proved its Emmy clout by sweeping seven categories at the Creative Arts, Pete Hammond (Deadline) feels even more confident than ever that it will win Best Limited Series on Sunday.

“I have been predicting this win for a long time and now I have no reason to change my mind at this point,” he says in our predictions smackdown. Watch above or listen to the audio podcast version below.

I don’t agree. I’m betting on “When They See Us,” which won the Emmy for Best Casting at the Creative Arts. Often that  award winner predicts Best Series, so I have growing confidence, too.

“This is where we have a big, classic HBO vs. Netflix showdown,” Pete adds. “Netflix is hoping it can win a major category for the first time at the Emmys. They have not yet won Best Comedy, Drama or Limited Series.”

HBO and Netflix also square off – as do Pete and I — in the race for Best TV Movie. Pete’s picking “Deadwood.” I’ve got “Bandersnatch.”

See all of Pete’s predictions here. Mine here. See how they compare against rankings by 28 other Experts. Disagree? Make your predictions here and try to beat our Experts!

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