Emmy Rossum Q&A: ‘Shameless’

During our recent webcam chat, "Shameless" star Emmy Rossum spilled the secret behind that shocking season four finale cameo by Justin Chatwin: “At the end of season three they were actually going to show a scene of [his character] Jimmy/Steve being dead. They were actually going to show the bad guys playing polo with his severed head.” But the network nixed that idea thereby opening the door for his return, which she readily admitted “blew my mind.”

In another "Shameless" surprise, the show is jumping from the Drama to Comedy categories at this years Emmys after reaping only three bids over three years (all for Joan Cusack  in the guest actress race). Rossum said the switch is the right call: “I mean it’s called 'Shameless.' When people approach me on the street they say: ‘Oh my God I love your show it’s hilarious!’ They don’t say: ‘Oh my God I love your show, it was so scary when that guy poked that other guys eyeballs out and his head exploded. We’re not 'Game of Thrones.' So I do think we’ve always thought of ourselves more as a comedy.”

However, her character, Fiona Gallagher, didn’t have many laugh-out-loud moments this past season. When it comes to which episode to submit should she earn an Emmy nomination, she revealed: “I think to myself, ‘It’s not funniest actress, it’s best actress in a comedy.’ So, for me I would probably go with 'Iron City' because I think that’s my strongest performance and kind of ignore the category.”

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