Emmys 2016 nominations: Cheers and jeers by editors and writers

My Gold Derby colleagues Marcus Dixon, Riley Chow, Amanda Spears and I got together via webcam (watch above) to share our initial reactions to this year’s Emmy Awards nominations. At the outset, I pose the question, “What was the one thing that really stuck with you the moment after the nominations were announced?”

Jim Carter was snubbed!” Dixon jokes. “How did that happen? This was the final year for ‘Downton Abbey,’ he’s been nominated every year!” Dixon continues that train of thought by pointing out an even stranger exclusion. “Similarly, Adam Driver. This guy gets in every year and now that he’s actually famous – he has ‘Saturday Night Live,’ he has ‘Star Wars,’ – and he doesn’t get in either!”

“I’ll say, along those lines, Don Cheadle, where’d he go?” Chow chimes in. Spears is flummoxed by an egregious snub of a network that deserves better. “I know everyone wants to talk about the CW not getting nominated, but ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ got the same amount nominations as Starz shows combined. Including the one nomination for ‘Jane the Virgin,’ the CW did better than the Starz network, which is crazy!” She protests. “They had a movie [‘The Dresser’] in contention with Ian McKellan, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Watson, multiple Oscar nominees and a winner, and they couldn’t get the movie in or any of those three.”

I agree that there are some networks that the Emmy voters are not watching. “I think that if there was a really awesome new show with Allison Janney and Cloris Leachman and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, like an awesome buddy cop show and it’s on the CW, even though it might look like an Emmy magnet, I am not going to predict it, because the CW is just not on their radar and that annoys me. They will never nominate anything from that network in the main categories and that is completely bizarre!”

Looking at more positive outcomes, I am over the moon about a certain critically acclaimed FX series that finally broke through in a big way. “When I saw Matthew Rhys announced, I thought ‘this is actually happening! This is actually happening for ‘The Americans,’ it’s a miracle!” I also proclaim that, from now on, I will trust my own judgment when predicting the Emmys and not make last minute changes to predictions after caving in to persuasive arguments by colleagues and friends.

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We then spend some time talking about a number of interesting highs and lows of across the board. We bemoan the almost complete wipeout for “Orange is the New Black” (including previous two-time winner Uzo Aduba), Christine Baranski and Margo Martindale missing out for the final season of “The Good Wife,” the Emmy blindspot for “The Leftovers,” Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” missing out in the Best Variety Talk Series category, and the decline of both “Modern Family” and “American Crime.”

We cheer the inclusion of “Mr. Robot,” the surprise bid by Maisie Williams (“Game of Thrones”), and the break throughs by Aziz Ansari (“Master of None”), Louie Anderson (“Baskets”), Jesse Plemons (“Fargo”), Steve Harvey (“Little Big Shots”) and “black-ish.” We dish the “Game of Thrones” and “Veep” juggernauts, debate whether Sarah Paulson might finally win that elusive Emmy, and relish the re-match between nineties comedy rivals Laurie Metcalf and Dreyfus in Best Comedy Actress

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