Emmys 2016 Slugfest: Best Comedy Guest Actor

Who will win the Emmy for Best Comedy Guest Actor? After watching the episodes submitted by each of the nominees, my Gold Derby colleagues Marcus James DixonRiley Chow, Zach Laws, Amanda Spears and I got together via webcam (watch above) to share our thoughts on who we think will win and why.

The nominees are Larry David (“Saturday Night Live”) for the episode he hosted, Tracy Morgan (“Saturday Night Live”) for the episode he hosted, Martin Mull (“Veep”) for the episode “The Eagle,” Bob Newhart (“The Big Bang Theory”) for the episode “The Opening Night Excitation,” Peter Scolari (“Girls”) for the episode “Good Man” and Bradley Whitford (“Transparent”) for the episode “Oscillate.”

We start by discussing the big news from last week, where thanks to some detailed digging by Gold Derby, the TV Academy rescinded Peter MacNicol’s nomination for “Veep,” replacing him with Scolari for “Girls,” and we hear from Chow, the guy who discovered the mistake.

We then move on to who we think is most likely to win, with David firming as the contender with the best odds.  “I just don’t think he could possibly lose this” I say, alluding to the buzz surrounding his appearances throughout the season as Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Chow is not so sure, noting that with MacNicol out of the race, “Martin Mull benefitted as he’ll get all of the ‘Veep’ votes. I found that Larry David was playing his persona from ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and maybe that’s looked upon not as acting so much.”

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