Emmys 2016 Slugfest: Best Drama Series

If anything can take down “Game of Thrones” at the Emmy Awards for Best Drama Series, it’ll likely be red-hot “Mr. Robot” or the departing “Downton Abbey.” But which drama can actually cross that finish line? Gold Derby editors Tom O’Neil, Paul Sheehan, Daniel Montgomery and Marcus James Dixon size up the race in our new predictions slugfest (watch above).

“Yeah, it’s called ‘Mr. Robot,'” O’Neil declares about the biggest potential upset this year. “It’s got the really cool factor and the hip thing going on here. ‘Mr. Robot’ is about a hacker, it’s super sexy, the show won at the Golden Globes [even though] Rami Malek didn’t win.”

Montgomery agrees, noting, “I think ‘Mr. Robot’ is in [the race]. It got the nomination for Best Writing and you usually need either a writing or directing nomination to win. The last drama to win Best Drama Series without one of those categories was ‘The Practice’ 17 years ago. It’s the hot new show like [2012 champ] ‘Homeland’ was, it’s got that going in its favor.”

“Talking about what’s well-represented in key categories, you’re gonna all roll your eyes, [but it’s] ‘Downton Abbey,'” says Sheehan. “It got a writing nomination for Julian Fellowes — he hadn’t been nominated for a couple years. It got a directing nomination. In terms of popular shows, it’s probably watched by almost as many people as ‘Game of Thrones.'”

The other nominees are “Better Call Saul,” “Homeland,” “House of Cards” and “The Americans.” Regarding the latter, Dixon adds, “It reminds me of ‘Friday Night Lights.’ People were championing that show for years and years, and it didn’t get into Best Drama until Season 5. And that year it won Best Actor [for Kyle Chandler] and it won Best Writing, so ‘The Americans’ has a good shot.”

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