Emmys 2016 Slugfest: Pete Hammond vs. Tom O’Neil for Best Drama Actor

That daredevil Emmy Awards wag Pete Hammond (Deadline) is scooting out on a limb when predicting the race for Best Drama Actor. He’s opting for Bob Odenkirk (“Better Call Saul”) while Gold Derby editor Tom O’Neil decrees that it’s high time poor Kevin Spacey (“House of Cards”) finally got his first chunk of TV academy gold after 10 career nominations.

Spacey’s been nominated for his diabolical role as U.S. President for the past three years, but something always kept getting in his way. Last year it was finally time for Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”) to take a bow. In previous years, that Emmy grabber Bryan Cranston kept hogging the prize during “Breaking Bad’s” reign. It’s like we haven’t seen Spacey in a fair fight, so maybe it’s time for him to cash in his own Emmy I.O.U.

See all of Hammond’s and O’Neil’s Emmy rankings for Best Drama Actor right here. For the racetrack odds page combining all of our experts’ predix, click here. On that page you’ll see that Rami Malek (“Mr. Robot”) is actually the favorite among all experts with leading 2/3 odds to win, so are Hammond and O’Neil both off their rockers?

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