Emmys 2020 predictions slugfest: Our contributors’ immediate reactions

“We definitely saw different nominations that were affected by external factors this year,” I tell fellow Gold Derby contributors Charlie Bright, Luca Giliberti and Matt Noble in a slugfest with our immediate reactions to the nominations announcement for the 2020 Emmy Awards (watch the video above). I continue, “There was that call to support Black art and we certainly see tons of Black actors nominated this year — more than usual. We also had the quarantine this year, which seemed to allow people to sample shows that they might not normally, like ‘Unorthodox’ and ‘Normal People’ did better than I would expect in a normal year.”

Summing it up as “all very confusing,” Giliberti points out how often “we had shows get nominated, but then their lead performers or their performers we thought would get in were snubbed — or we had performers get in, but then their shows didn’t make it.” He is “very surprised” by the haul of “Mrs. America,” which received 10 nominations overall, but not for the standout performances by Rose ByrneSarah Paulson and John Slattery. “Hollywood” and “Watchmen” similarly have several acting nominations in the limited and movie field, but not for Joe Mantello and Tim Blake Nelson respectively, who were thought to be among the safer bets. “Yeah, that was strange,” adds Bright before Noble concludes, “It’s just an eclectic and interesting group of which actors got nominated from which shows.”

Looking across the board, Bright and Noble are rejoicing at the explosion in support for “What We Do in the Shadows,” even if Best Comedy Series remains set for a photo finish between “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and “Schitt’s Creek.” Although all eyes are on “Ozark” and “Succession” in Best Drama Series, Noble cautions that “The Crown” has more of a prestige factor and he reminds us that it is coming off of more Emmy wins for its previous season than either “Ozark” or “Succession.”

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